By Michael

  • Meet Michael

    This Danish Norwegian guy with viking blood... is here to help and here to guide....

    Experience hiker in the Highland of Scotland.

    Hiked volcanoes in Hawaii.

    Ascending one of the highest

    Atlantic mountains, Mount Pico.

    Icelandic hikes.

    Lived in the wilderness without any connect with the real world.


    Loves coffee and can make a good brew. 

    Enjoys a good story and got a few to tell....

  • Ethos


  • The Trips & Domes


  • Day-Tripp-er

    This awesome trip is suited for all abilities, only taking 4 hours round trip.

    You start from Trysil Glamping, wander into the wilderness with Michael, over the Ice Stream and then gaining elevation, ending in a view to the Swedish Mountains. Learn to build a camp fire, have a nice brew and cook yourself some good grub. Then finally back to Trysil Glamping.

    All food and drink included

    4-5 hours trip.


    Make this part of you Dome experience.

    1250 kr per person, min 2 people.

  • Sun-Rise-er


  • 2-Day-er


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Ccpyright 2019, Nygard Trysil AS

Photos by Fredrik Otterstad & Sam Gray

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